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Arlingclose provides local authorities with quality treasury management advice. We possess a depth of knowledge when it comes to understanding local authorities of all sizes, and our experienced team are well equipped to provide bespoke advice accordingly. We assist clients on all things treasury management including investments, debt and capital financing, as well as more specialist areas.

Our primary aim is to offer the best value to our clients as they navigate risk in a rapidly changing world. Our ongoing track record shows that we have continually added value to our client base. By monitoring interest paid and received by all 150 upper tier local authorities in England for the past decade, we identified that Arlingclose upper tier clients saved an average of £2.2m a year compared to their peers.

We ensure our advice is compliant with changing regulations, accounting standards, professional Codes, and best practice to deliver an effective, joined-up strategy. Our Technical Group of CIPFA qualified accountants has significant local government finance experience and ensures that our clients always have informed and timely advice.

Please note, Arlingclose does not participate in any framework agreements, as this allows us to avoid passing on unnecessary costs to our clients.

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