Our Services

Debt Management Advice

We believe that an efficient debt management service should assist clients in both managing risk and generating substantial savings.

To give our clients real value for money, our independent approach to debt allows us the freedom to develop fresh solutions and challenge traditional views. Our extensive experience enables us to give the best possible advice tailored specifically to our clients’ needs, which is reflected by our excellent track record.

Unique advice for each client

In order to create a bespoke strategy for each client, our debt management services look to the client’s risk appetite and financial plans for context.

Once we have determined the client’s specific aims, we can offer a wide range of features within our debt portfolio optimisation services. These include: liability benchmarking, stress testing and debt rescheduling. This will incorporate advice on the trade-off between short-term and long-term debt and the mix of fixed and variable rate funding.

Funding advice

Advice on funding covers a wide range of current financial products and providers, including specialist project finance and housing solutions. We are also experienced in assisting in the management of residual loan products that incorporate embedded derivatives, such as Lenders Option Borrowers Option loans (LOBOs).

We assist clients through to strategy implementation by tracking market movements, providing market intelligence and timely advice on execution. What’s more, our benchmarking services enable clients to monitor performance and we are also able to offer advice covering regulatory issues and accounting solutions, meaning the client receives our full support at all stages of the process.

Our debt management services include:

  • New borrowing options
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Benchmarking