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Training and Workshops

Officer Training

Arlingclose provides its clients with seminar programmes that are topical, timely and are driven by their needs. The workshops, which are held online, in London and other locations around the UK are an inclusive element of our treasury management service. The seminar programme is determined by our clients. 

We limit the numbers of attendees to our workshop to around 18 people. This is because we want them to be true hands-on workshops. Where events prove popular we aim to provide them on more than one day as we prefer not to restrict participation.

An important by-product is that clients that attend our seminars are able to discuss issues closely and exchange contact details to maintain dialogue thereafter. Feedback from our clients on these events is important to us and has been excellent. We deliver the following training and workshop events annually. 

  • Accounts Close-Down Forum (March)
  • Principles of Treasury Management (principles of the Gilt and money markets and how they relate to the PWLB, borrowing and fund management) 
  • Treasury Management Practices Workshop 
  • Investment Workshop 
  • Treasury Management Strategy Workshop (to also include Prudential Indicators) and link with our strategy documents that will be issued to clients (November/December)

Alternatively, Arlingclose would be pleased to structure on an annual basis a one-day training programme for treasury officers and/or Members at the Council, which will be specific and individual to the Council's requirements.


Member Training

The latest CIPFA Treasury Management Code reemphasises that the responsible officer for the authority should ensure that council members have access to relevant training. 

Arlingclose offers tailored member training of varying degrees of complexity, from the introductory to the expert. The courses apply the theory to the Client’s own strategy and position, providing elected members with the necessary background and knowledge to effectively scrutinise activity.

We also prepare seminar-style presentations loosely based on the regular strategy meetings with officers. These focus on the current economic situation and each Client’s actions in response to this and our advice, with extra explanation on areas of most relevance to elected members/senior officers 

A typical training programme might include:-

  • CIPFA Guidelines
  • Members’ role in treasury management
  • Key Treasury Risks
  • The economic outlook
  • Managing counterparty credit risk
  • Key questions for members to ask officers

The subject matter for member/officer training for the Client is flexible and will be discussed and tailored to your specific requirements.

This service is available to clients and non-clients alike and any enquiries should be directed to info@arlingclose.com.