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Parish Council Financial Advice

Arlingclose provides town and parish councils with quality, independent financial advice on investment and borrowing. We possess a depth of knowledge when it comes to understanding local authorities of all sizes, and our experienced team are well equipped to provide bespoke advice accordingly. Parish Council Treasury Management advice is a valuable service provided by Arlingclose.

We are proud to say Arlingclose is the only local authority specialist authorised to provide regulated investment advice to councils with investment balances below £10m. 

We work closely with clients to form an Investment Strategy in line with the Parish’s risk appetite and cashflows. Our primary objective is to help keep client money safe by providing quality credit advice, while at the same time following MHCLG’s Investment Guidance of prioritising security and liquidity over yield.

Where Authorities have funds to invest for the longer term, we advise on suitable investment options which can offer higher rates of return. We continue to work with clients to monitor performance on a regular basis by benchmarking investment portfolios against peers.

Arlingclose also offers Parish Council borrowing advice, including assistance in preparing the Borrowing Strategy, providing our interest rate forecasts to inform timing decisions and advice in selecting borrowing sources.

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For further advice on the above service, please contact the Arlingclose team on 08448 808 200 or email info@arlingclose.com.