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Parish Council Investment Advice

Parish Council Liquidity & Parish Council Strategic Funds

At Arlingclose, our focus is to provide clients with clear and succinct investment advice, not just information transfer.

Our advice is pragmatic given some clients have large portfolios of hundreds of millions of pounds whilst some hold more modest investment balances. Regardless of size, however, the investment objectives and the management of risk remain consistent, and our advice recognises that.

Our initial priority is to undertake a balance sheet analysis to identify the levels of core cash available and help ascertain a suitable investment time horizon. This analysis recognises the difference between funds held for liquidity purposes and strategic investments, which is important in building an effective portfolio in any economic and interest rate environment.

Treasury management investment guidance establishes a strategy in relation to the investment priorities of our clients. Security of capital remains the highest priority, followed by liquidity and then yield. Most of our clients’ investment portfolios are dominated by cash or ‘near cash ‘investments, however our approach is to ensure that each client’s individual portfolio reflects their ability and willingness to take risk. Risk is inherent in all investments, but it requires understanding and management to ensure it is appropriate to the client and their investment objectives.

Our approach aims to help clients across the investment spectrum, from those looking to keep funds short-dated and liquid with as little volatility as possible, to those seeking longer-term higher returns and willing to accept moderately more risk. For those clients, we can tailor diversified strategies whereby higher return/volatility investments are combined with lower risk and lower correlation investments, helping to reduce overall risk in the portfolio. The key is understanding each client’s requirements and deliver a clear and suitable solution. Financial markets can be volatile, but it is this environment that can provide our clients with the opportunity to add value using strategic asset allocation.