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Year End Accounting Services

Arlingclose is able to provide assistance in the preparation of year end accounts particularly in the areas of accounting for financial instruments and capital accounting. Particular areas that we specialise in are: 

  • Providing the fair value of financial instruments: these include traditional ‘treasury’ investments such as deposits, pooled funds and bonds but also non-treasury investments such as loans made for service purposes. 
  • Calculating the Expected Credit Loss adjustment for investments that is required under IFRS 9.  
  • Equity valuations for subsidiary companies or other shareholdings owned. Arlingclose is experienced in valuing local authority owned housing companies and has also valued companies as diverse as airports and car manufactures.  
  • A pre-audit assurance service to review the capital finance and treasury management aspects of the final accounts prior to a formal audit. 
  • Assistance in accounting for soft loans, loan commitments, guarantees, restructured debt and hedge accounting. 
  • Bespoke staff training on financial instruments and capital accounting.
  • Assistance with spreadsheets and spreadsheet design 
  • Other bespoke assistance with year end as required. 


Arlingclose has extensive knowledge of how these accounting requirements apply to UK local authorities including police, fire and combined authorities. We are also able to extend much of our advice to other public, private and third sector organisations. 

For further information on our year end accounting services please contact treasury@arlingclose.com.