Back to the Old School Paul Roberts

In the modern era we tend to take for granted that we can do pretty much all we need to do easily and quickly. Need to tell a friend you’re running late to meet them? Just send a text and they’ll get it immediately. Forgotten to pay the credit card bill until the due date? No problem, use the app and the payment can be sent in minutes. Need to update your Liability Benchmark? Just log into Microsoft Teams while working from home and do what you need to do. The list goes on.

Our reliance on new technologies has increased during the pandemic as we try to perform all manner of both business and personal tasks whilst working from home with limited access to some of the systems and equipment that we took for granted in those halcyon days prior to the pandemic (ok, perhaps 2019 wasn’t quite as good as that).

While adjusting to working from home full time took some settling into for many businesses and employees, many have seen the benefits. From not having to deal with the daily commute or pay for overpriced lunches, to hopefully being much more efficient in the use of the working day.

There have been downsides of course, be it due to not spending time with colleagues (admittedly, some readers may place this in the category above) or having to try to work from an area of your home that really isn’t very good at being an office.

While many businesses have adapted to the new way of working demanded by the pandemic, many are still yet to do so, for a variety of legitimate reasons though, I’m sure.

At Arlingclose we are constantly striving to bring added value services to our clients and to do them as efficiently and effectively as possible. One of our most recent initiatives has involved working with fund managers to help generate additional value for our clients.

With the first paragraph and the one above in mind, when first undertaking this work I, clearly ignorantly, hoped that the complete exercise would see modern technology and new pandemic working from home methods combined in perfect(ish) harmony. Well, unfortunately it didn’t quite work out that way and required, in some very small way at least, going back to the ‘Swinging Sixties’.

The upshot is that clients have benefitted substantially from this work, which is of course the main factor here, but it has also taught me a valuable lesson that even in these hyper-connected times, sometimes the old ways and methods are still very much needed to get the job done in the 21st century. So, if any readers want to tap into my new knowledge of faxing, please do let me know.

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