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Housing Toolkit

The current need for housing in the UK has led to a supply and demand imbalance throughout the country. Because of this, local councils have come under increased pressure to provide adequate housing for their community. Our “Housing Toolkit” service is designed to address these pressures and help councils wishing to provide new homes in response to their local housing need.

It’s designed to support all the options available to develop an investment offer that meets your local needs and provides a suitable return on that investment, both from a social and financial perspective to support wider plans and to stimulate economic growth.

With the demand for housing across all tenures being so high, it is very likely that the rate of the creation of new households will be needed year after year, meaning that a long-term view on housing needs will be required.

For all councils there are opportunities to build on commercial and entrepreneurial experience to start new house building projects, which can provide a suitable mix of private rented, affordable and market housing.

A complex housing market like the one we currently face requires a collaborative effort from both councils and quality independent advisors. We are here to support your skills so that any objections are identified and that the right mix of new homes are built in your community.

Service tailored to meet your needs

There is no “one size fits all” model for housing delivery and each council will have a different set of requirements, resources and opportunities. The “Housing Toolkit” will ensure that the housing delivery options being considered are the right solution for your circumstances. To create a truly bespoke service we will carry out an initial assessment of your housing needs and current financial resources position, and a thorough analysis of the funding options available.

Once the most appropriate delivery vehicle has been selected we will work with you to ensure the correct mix of funding is obtained. Issues such as legality and accounting treatment are taken into account and fully considered throughout the process.

Our “Toolkit” service can provide you with an independent challenge when it comes to the decision making process. Not only does this help ensure that both officers and members are confident that they are embarking on the most suitable method of housing delivery, but it also offers a variety of choice for those already considering their options.

Our Housing Toolkit service includes:

  • initial assessment of your housing needs
  • current financial resources position
  • thorough analysis of the funding options available
  • advice on the most suitable housing delivery options
  • advice on the legality and accounting treatment