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Banking Review Service

Corporate banking is a complex market which is currently going through a large number of changes in response to the evolving regulatory environment and technological advances. Many major providers are reviewing their services, and new entrant “challenger banks” are attempting to enter the market.

Arlingclose has dedicated, experienced executives who provide our clients with guidance and support on all areas of banking provision, ensuring that any change or review is focused on quality and genuine improvement in service and relationships. The independence of Arlingclose ensures that we are ideally placed to act as a facilitator between potential service providers and the specific requirements of our clients.

Arlingclose can assist in a number of broad areas

Banking Services Review – looking at all aspects of banking, from physical cash to exchequer reconciliations, the Banking Review Service aims to maximise the potential benefits available from the wide range of banking products and services available from possible providers

Banking benchmarking – going out to full tender and the associated transition can take up employee time and increase short term costs for an organisation. The Arlingclose benchmarking service tests the market against your current costs and identifies area where costs are higher than similar organisations. We produce a short report which you can then use as the basis of negotiating down your costs. We will also provide assistance in the negotiations.

The Tendering process – through preparation, issuance and evaluation, Arlingclose focuses on the tender process as a driver of progressive change. The tender process should be viewed as a catalyst for improvements and efficiencies in banking services rather than an exercise to provide a like for like service.

Merchant Acquiring – Recent changes in legislation and provider policy, have increased merchant acquiring costs significantly, meaning that card payments, which are designed to be simple and cost effective way of receiving payments, has become more expensive, especially for smaller transactions sizes. Ensuring that your organisation has the right contract for these services is more important than ever. Arlingclose has experience of renegotiating contracts and undertaking tenders ensuring that clients are receiving value for money.  

Provider Transition – with experience in successfully guiding large organisations through the process of changing banking provider including integration issues with established processes, third parties and accounting systems, Arlingclose provides detailed planning advice and practical assistance in transition management.


For further information on our Banking services, please call 08448 808 200 or email banking@arlingclose.com

Our Banking Review Services include:

  • Banking Services Review
  • Support in the tendering process
  • Merchant Acquiring services
  • Transition Planning & Management
  • Contingency Arrangements
  • Cash Office Reviews
  • Insourcing / outsourcing options
  • Exchequer Improvements