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Need to free-up more time in your day? Perhaps it’s time you made the switch to online trading for your “local to local” transactions. iDealTrade is an online, automated, matching platform for local authority deposits and loans; we list below 10 great features that can help you save time and money.

  1. Open to all UK local authorities

The platform has over 485 registered users representing around 200 local authorities and pension funds indicating there is a wide variety of local authorities with which to transact.

  1. Online Trading & Price Discovery

Online trading offers a quick and easy solution, you can easily invest, borrow, or simply browse the market from wherever you are working.  

  1. Rate guidance

iDealTrade offers weekly rate guidance which is updated every Monday and more frequently in times of high market volatility, helping users set competitive rates and find a match efficiently.

  1. Email Updates and Alerts

Receive updates and notifications on current rates, available deals, and the progress of your orders. You can enter details of the loan or deposit you would like to make and iDealTrade will automatically notify you when your order is matched by another authority.

  1. Trade Confirmations

iDealTrade automatically generates trade confirmations. This includes the contact details and standard settlement instructions of the counterparty as well as a breakdown of the interest payable for the life of the loan and the interest repayment dates.

  1. Trade Documentation

All trade concluded on iDealTrade are subject to standard terms and conditions, setting out details such as the method of interest calculation and procedures if late payment occurs.

  1. Financial Strength Ratings

Arlingclose has developed a unique set of Financial Strength Ratings (FSRs) for local authorities, using our bronze, silver, and gold rating scale. These can form part of the required due diligence on investment counterparty credit worthiness.

  1. Low cost

iDealTrade is free for investors and the fee for borrowers is currently just 3 basis points (0.03%). There are no hidden costs within the platform and no membership or user costs which makes it a cheaper alternative to traditional voice brokers. 

  1. Audit Trail

iDealTrade stores details of all trades, providing an independently verified record of trading activity that can be supplied to auditors.

  1. Security

One of the most important factors of any online trading platform is security. iDealTrade is fully encrypted, password protected, certified and accredited and subject to routine penetration testing. Users are all vetted and approved prior to access being granted. No trade or settlement instructions are passed outside of the platform, activity take places by logging in securely, within the confines of iDealTrade’s firewalls. This is a substantial advantage over email communications, that are notoriously easy for fraudsters to intercept and manipulate.

If you have any questions or would like guidance on using the platform, please get in touch with the team by emailing

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