iDealTrade - February 2018 Review

Thank you to all those who have used iDealTrade his month. We are pleased to see a continuous stream of deals arranged via the platform and are still actively onboarding new users. 

This yield curve shows the duration and rates of the last 30 transactions agreed on the platform.

In February, the Bank of England published their Inflation Report, which suggested that the UK could get two rate hikes this year. This marked change in interest rate outlook immediately fed through to rates on iDealTrade and our rate guidance. 

In March we are expecting rates to edge even higher as demand for cash over the financial year end increases. If you are a borrower in need of cash, it may be worthwhile using the platform’s forward dealing function, to avoid paying higher rates on the day. 

Please find below iDealTrade rate guidance for this week: 

Overnight: 0.40%

1 week: 0.41%

1 month: 0.46%

3 months: 0.56%

6 months: 0.65%

12 months: 0.90%

We also held our first iDealTrade user group in London. As well as a training and ‘top tips’ session, we also had a discussion with users about improvements and future development ideas. Given the success of the day, we are hoping to hold these in different regions as well. 

To register please click here. If you have any feedback, please email us at