Carbon and Climate Statement Mark Pickering

As COP26 comes to an end in Glasgow we hope progress will be made in the fight against climate change. At this point Arlingclose is pleased to announce that we have in our own way made a transition to net zero. Over the last three years we have invested annually in schemes to offset our in year emissions through the planting of trees in UK schools across all the regions in which we have clients, alongside this we have invested in additional carbon offsetting schemes in the developing world to offset all of our historic emissions dating back to 2004. Our plan for future years is to use offsetting schemes to ensure we are “Beyond Carbon Neutral”, offsetting more than the carbon our activities create.

Offsetting is only part of the solution however and we continue to adapt our working practices, holding meetings virtually, reducing paper usage, increasing recycling, turning down thermostats, using public transport, providing loan schemes for staff bicycles, season tickets and electric vehicles. There is of course much more we can all do, and at Arlingclose we are committed to playing our part in the fight.