Trade 3 to Trade Free

*Borrowers completing three Trades in October 2020, shall be entitled to receive 0% Transaction Fees, as defined in the Website Terms of Use, on all Trades agreed in both November and December 2020. Qualifying trades include those with a Trade Date as notified in a Trade Confirmation falling within the month of October 2020. Trade means an agreement by a Lender to lend and a Borrower to borrow on the Terms and Conditions applicable to Trades agreed via  Trade Confirmation means, in relation to a Trade, the confirmation which the Arranger makes available in writing to each Party on A Trade Date is effective from the Trade Date specified in such Trade Confirmation.

Arlingclose highlight the requirement for authorities to pay due regard to relevant regulation and Codes of Practice when undertaking treasury management activity, including the CIPFA Prudential Code, CIPFA Treasury Management Code of Practice and the Bank of England’s UK Money Market Code. Authorities should ensure all activity on is undertaken for sound treasury management purposes, rather than to benefit from this promotion.