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    Welcome to Arlingclose

    An independent treasury advisory company providing unbiased financial advice and capital financing expertise for the public, private and the third sectors

    Arlingclose is committed to providing its clients with a fresh, quality and bespoke service. We employ the talents of highly experienced professionals, who have a proven track record, delivering the most appropriate advice on debt and investment management.

    Our combined experience, commitment and enthusiasm enable Arlingclose to offer an individual and refreshing approach to treasury management advice. Our treasury team is stable and is growing to match the requirements of our clients.

    Arlingclose is different by design, offering local authorities a unique service in the market place. Due to our independence, we are able to provide quality, bespoke advice within a fee structure that offers real value for money.

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    Our clients come from all tiers of UK local authority and from other public sector bodies. We provide impartial treasury advice to 25% of UK local authorities. Our philosophy and approach follows a period of consultation with local authorities and is based upon the delivery of quality, independent services. The Service will include comprehensive advice in relation to debt restructuring and long term capital finance decisions, utilising proven systems, effective dialogue and an understanding of individual requirements.

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    Leasing - Framework Agreements

    01 September 2015

    What is a framework agreement? A framework agreement is an ‘umbrella agreement’ that sets out the terms (particularly relating to price, quality and quantity) under which individual contracts...

    What is leasing, a brief introduction

    06 November 2014

    What is a lease? Given the potential impact of the proposed changes to lease accounting how do Local Authorities actually know when they’re using leasing?   Leases can travel into Councils in...

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    31 October 2014

    Providing adequate social housing is proving to be a challenge for local authorities across the UK. As the country’s residents battle rising inflation and increasing rent costs, it is proving...

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    29 August 2014

    Balancing budgets and allocating finance is a difficult task for all councils. Trying to support the local community while being mindful of the available funds, and also only getting involved in...

    Housing cuts and alternative funding vehicles

    26 August 2014

    The latest round of council spending cuts is going to hit housing services particularly hard, according to new data from the Communities and Local Government department and the Chartered Institute of...

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